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2504 Dauphin Street, Suite M, Mobile, AL 36606-1900         (251) 471-0071
761A Middle Street, Fairhope, AL 36532-1715                        (251) 990-4040



We supply off-the-shelf and custom-made braces, which include, but are not limited to, spinal orthoses, upper and lower extremity orthoses, and custom shoes.  Other specialized devices include orthoses for patients with spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, birth defects, pre and post operative treatment, as well as preventative surgical treatment and sports medicine.

Spinal Orthoses

  • Scoliosis (Milwaukee, Boston Charleston)
  • Hyperextension (Jewett, CASH)
  • Custom Body Jacket (LSO, TLSO)
  • Custom Fitted Metal Systems (Chairback, Knight Taylor)
  • Custom Fitted / Fabricated Corsets

Cervical Orthoses

  • Philadelphia, Aspen, Miami J
  • Soft Collars

Upper Extremity Orthoses

  • Dynamic / Contracture Orthoses
  • Static Orthoses (WHOs, WHFOs, FOs)
  • Fracture Bracing

Knee Orthoses

  • Custom Fabricated Hinged Knee Orthoses
  • Osteoarthritis (Generation II, Townsend, Don Joy)
  • Athletic / Sports Injury (Don Joy, Townsend, CTi)
  • Compression Knee Supports and Stabilizers
    (With or without joints or stays)
  • Knee Immobilizers

Lower Extremity Orthoses

  • Metal and Plastic Designs
    • Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO)
    • Adjustable & Limited ROM Knee
    • Becker, Otto Bock, Horton Stance Knee
  • Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
    • Dorsi/Plantar Assist/Resist
    • Limited Range of Motion
    • Tone Reducing Techniques
    • Composite Styles (Toe-Off)
    • Arizona AFO
    • Fracture Bracing
  • Heel Decubitus
    • Pressure Relief AFO (PRAFO)
    • Custom Rocker Bottom Walkers (CROW)
    • Custom Positional AFO
  • Dynamic ROM Knee Orthoses & AFO

Foot Orthoses

  • Custom Orthoses for Varus/Valgus Deformities
  • Ulcer Management
  • Custom Fabricated Orthopedic Inserts
  • Shoe Modifications

Pediatric Orthoses

  • Custom Metal and Plastic Designs
  • Hip Management Systems
  • HKAFO, KAFO and AFOs
  • Corrective Shoes, Dennis Brown Bar


We treat all levels of amputation for both lower and upper extremities, all devices are custom fabricated locally with the individual patients needs and goals in mind.   We utilize state of the art technology including, but not limited to, myoelectric movement for prosthetic arms, computerized knee systems such as the C-leg and the Rheo knee system and vacuum socket suspension technology. We use high tech materials such as silicone, titanium, carbon fiber, and lightweight aluminum.  We also take great care in making each prosthetic devise as lightweight and as lifelike as possible.

Pre-Prosthetic Care

  • IPOP prostheses
  • Shrinkers

Upper Extremity

  • Prostheses for all levels of amputation
    • Functional and Passive Systems
    • Myoelectric Systems
    • Cosmetic Gloves
    • Cosmetic Restoration

Lower Extremity Prostheses

  • Preparatory and definitive prostheses for all levels of amputation, designed to match the functional needs and goals of each patient.
    • Lightweight Construction
    • C-Leg/Rheo Knee/Hydraulic Knees
    • Harmony/VASS Systems
    • Silicone Suspension Systems
    • Multi-axial/Dynamic/Flex Feet
    • Endoskeletal/Exoskeletal Systems


We specialize in breastcare products including custom silicone breast forms, mastectomy bras, post-operative breast prostheses, post-operative camisoles and a variety of other breast forms and breastcare products.  We custom fit each individual for a complete and balanced profile.

Services are most often rendered in our two convenient locations in Mobile or Fairhope. We are also happy to extend services to hospitals, nursing facilities and rehabilitative institutes, and to the homes of those who are bed-ridden.

Breast Prostheses

  • Silicone breast prostheses
  • Custom silicone breast prostheses


  • Nipple Covers
  • Silicone bra strap pads

Mastectomy Garments

  • Post Operative Camisoles
  • Post Operative Compression Garments
  • Mastectomy Bras